🏎️HFT support


High-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading that utilizes algorithms to execute a large number of trades at extremely high speeds. It aims to capitalize on minor price discrepancies in financial markets, often maintaining positions for only seconds or milliseconds.


MetaCopier.io has an extremely fast copy trading system (the internal latency is less than 5ms) and is built with multi-threading and non-blocking routines to copy trades in parallel on multiple accounts without impacting performance, making it optimal for HFT.

If you plan to utilize HFT, you simply need to set up a copier as described in the quick start guide.

Pending Orders

By default, open orders are omitted from being copied. This is our recommendation and works perfectly for most use cases. If, for some reason, this feature is required for your project, please let us know and we will activate the option for you.

Best Possible Performance

For the best possible performance, we recommend a dedicated project where the resources are reserved only for you.

A project can be marked as dedicated only while creation. If you have a shared project and need a dedicated one please create a new project.


HFT is commonly used on prop firm's demo accounts (for example, to pass challenges). However, most HFT strategies do not work on live accounts due to slippage. Thus, if you plan to use it with live accounts, make sure to test it with a low lot size.

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