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Welcome to the advanced capabilities of MetaCopier, where sophistication and power combine to elevate your trading experience. Our Pro Features provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed for professional traders who demand more control, flexibility, and precision.

Keep alive trade

The Keep Alive Trade Pro Feature is specifically designed to prevent account closure due to inactivity, making it an ideal solution for maintaining demo accounts and ensuring compliance during prop firm challenges. This advanced functionality ensures that your trading accounts remain active and engaged, even when there are no active trades based on your primary strategy.


  • Symbol: The trading symbol refers to the specific financial instrument (such as a currency pair, stock, or commodity) on which the keep-alive trades will be executed.

  • Cron expressions: Cron expressions are used to schedule the timing and frequency of the keep-alive trades. These expressions define the exact moments when the trades will be executed, based on a recurring schedule. In the example above it will be executed every week on Wednesday at 8:30 AM (UTC). Multiple cron expressions are possible. Please refer also to our cron expression examples and documentation.

The following Pro features are currently in development and will be publicly available in Q3/Q4 2024. Here's a short preview.

Trading Windows

Tailor Your Trades to Prime Market Hours. With Trading Windows, you can schedule your trades to occur within specific time frames that align with your strategic goals or when the market is most favorable. This feature enables precise timing in trade execution, optimizing your strategy for better results.

Break Even

Secure Your Profits, Minimize Losses. Our Break Even feature allows you to implement strategies that adjust your trade's stop loss to its entry price once it becomes profitable, securing a no-loss position. This risk-aware approach protects your gains while minimizing potential losses.

Daily Profit Target

Disciplined Trading with a Goal in Mind. Set a specific daily profit objective to guide your trading decisions, promoting disciplined trading and strategy optimization. Once your target is reached, the system can pause trading, helping you to lock in profits and prevent overtrading.

TP/SL Addition

Automated Risk Management for Every Trade. If your master account's trades lack Take Profit (TP) or Stop Loss (SL) levels, our system automatically adds them based on predefined settings. This ensures every trade is equipped with essential risk management tools, safeguarding your investments.

Trailing Stop

Maximize Profits with Dynamic Stops. The Trailing Stop feature automatically adjusts your trades' stop loss levels in response to favorable market movements. This locks in potential profits while minimizing losses, ensuring you benefit from market highs while protecting against downturns.

Direction Filter

Strategic Control Over Trade Direction. Choose to copy only buy or sell orders with our Direction Filter, providing an additional layer of strategy customization. This feature is ideal for trend-based strategies or when market conditions favor a particular direction.

Ignore Exit Signals

Maintain Positions Despite Fluctuations. With the option to ignore exit signals, your copied trades can remain open even if the master account closes them. This feature is useful for traders who have a different risk tolerance or a longer-term view on specific trades.

News Filter

Trade Smart Around Market News. The News Filter ensures that orders are copied only during periods free from significant news announcements, enhancing your risk management strategy. By avoiding periods of high volatility, this feature helps in maintaining strategy consistency and protecting your investments.

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