🚀Quick start guide

Please follow these steps to sign up, create a project, connect your trading accounts, and start copying trades. If you prefer, we also offer a video tutorial.

Sign up

Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

Look for the option to "Sign In" and click on it.

Enter your email and password, or alternatively, use a preferred method such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple to log in. When you don't have a MetaCopier account, use the 'Register' option to create a new account.

To register a new account you have to add your personal informations such as first name, last name email and password, at the end you can press the 'Register' button to create the account.

Add Payment method

The credit card is optional and is only required once the trial balance has expired.

Click on "Dashboard"

As soon as you click on 'Dashboard' you have to click on "Payment method"

Click on the '+' at the top left side, where you can choose your currency.

Now a new window will open where you need to enter all your card information, at the end click on 'Authorize'

In the end, if everything worked, you should see your card on the 'Payment Method' tab.

Create a project

Once you have added a payment method, you can proceed to create a project.

Begin by clicking on 'Dashboard'.

A new window will open. Confirm that you are on the 'Projects' section, which you can verify on the left side of the screen. You should see a cross icon, click on that field.

Now you need to input all your information in the new window. Note that the company name is optional, and the currency must match the payment method.

After completing all the steps, your project should be visible in the projects tab.

Connect your accounts

Initially, click on the 'Your Projects' tab. This action should open a new window displaying the project you created. Click on it.

In this window you can connect your accounts by clicking on the field with the cross

A new window will open where you have to enter the data of the trading account

In the next picture you can see that the account has been integrated. However, you need two accounts to be able to copy, so you have to add another account.

Create your first copier

Now that you have two accounts you can create your first copier, for that please follow the next steps

On both accounts you can see the button "copiers" at the bottom left please click on one of them. A window with a cross will open click on this cross.

You can now select the account from which the trades are to be copied.

If everything has worked, you should see a green one on the "copiers" button.

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