📈Set up strategy

A strategy is used to group together multiple source accounts and risk limits to simplify management.

Create a strategy

Go to the "Your Projects" tab and select the project you have created. On the left side you should see "Strategies" click on it.

Now click on the box with the cross.

A new window will open, in this window you have to enter the name of your strategy and activate the strategy below.

Once you have done this, you should see your strategy on the previous screen.

Configure your strategy

Now we have a strategy but it is not yet configured, we will do that here, first we have to add a copier from where the strategy gets the trades. Click on "Copiers", then a new window will open with a cross click on this cross.

When you have clicked on the cross, a new field will open, in which you must first specify from which account he copies the trades and if you want you can create copy settings.

Copy trades with a strategy

After configuring the strategy, there should be a 1 above the "Copiers" button.

Now that we have a strategy we can apply the strategy to our accounts, go to "Accounts" on the left side of the page.

Select an account on which you want to copy the trades of the strategy you created earlier. Click on "Copiers" so that we can add the "Strategy" and than you have to click on the cross which appears.

First switch from account to strategy, then you can select your strategy in the lower field, finally save. after this point you have successfully created and applied a strategy

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