To see real examples, take a look at the Usage and Quick start guide pages.

Below, only a general description of how to create the SDKs is provided.

To generate SDK client stubs using the OpenAPI Generator, follow these steps:

  1. Install OpenAPI Generator: Ensure that you have the OpenAPI Generator installed on your system. You can download it from the official GitHub repository or use package managers like npm or Homebrew, depending on your operating system.

  2. Prepare your OpenAPI Specification: Make sure you have an OpenAPI Specification file (usually in JSON or YAML format) that describes your API's endpoints, parameters, responses, and other relevant details. You can use the OpenAPI Specification file available at

  3. Choose the Language and Framework: Decide on the programming language and framework you want to generate the client stubs for. The OpenAPI Generator supports a wide range of languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Go, and more.

  4. Run the OpenAPI Generator: Use the command-line interface of the OpenAPI Generator to generate the client stubs. Here's a basic example of how to run the generator:

codeopenapi-generator-cli generate -i -g your_language -o output_directory

Replace your_language with the desired programming language or framework (e.g., java, javascript, python), and output_directory with the directory where you want the generated code to be saved.

  1. Customize Generation Options (Optional): Optionally, customize the generation process by specifying additional options such as package names, library versions, and code formatting preferences. Refer to the documentation of the OpenAPI Generator for a full list of available options.

  2. Review Generated Code: Once the generation process is complete, review the generated client stubs to ensure they meet your requirements. You may need to make adjustments or enhancements based on your specific use case or project needs.

  3. Integrate Client Stubs into your Project: Finally, integrate the generated client stubs into your project by importing them into your codebase and using them to interact with the API. Refer to the documentation and examples provided by the OpenAPI Generator for guidance on how to use the generated code effectively.

By following these steps, you can generate SDK client stubs using the OpenAPI Generator and seamlessly integrate them into your software projects, saving time and effort in API integration and development.

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